Our Angel and Devil are within us

Have you heard the “Mamta se bhari “ song of Bahubali : the Beginning movie ?
The third line of the song is as follows :

है जहाँ विष और अमृत भी
मन वो मंथन स्थली

This line states that our heart has both “विष” (poison) and “अमृत” (elixir of life) and it’s the place where we as an individual churn one of it and thus can make a person an angel or a devil for himself/ herself.
To simplify it, every individual has both good and bad characteristics and it’s he/she who decides which one are needed to be pandered and developed.


angel and devil

Now let’s connect with the title i.e. Our Devil and Angel are within us.


What’s an angel?
A spiritual being superior to humans in power and intelligence ,who is a messenger of God and is a saviour – who saves us from some misfortune.

Likewise what’s a devil?
A demon is simply an evil spirit, who wants to do bad things, who doESN’t want good for an individual or many.

We all are made like this. We have the tendency to be inclined towards both goodness and badness. It’s a natural thing.
I can either become my own angel or my own devil…..i.e. I can save me/ help myself grow or can fully destroy myself.

It’s my choice what I want to become.

(Ok why would anyone will want bad for themselves??)

Yes…no one will willingly want bad for themselves. Than how you become your own devil?
It’s like you don’t realise when you start being your own enemy. I am not talking only about physical harm, but mental harm ( which is more and is quite
Your habits make you do it. Like negative part of you makes you do your own harm.

Look at the day to day example :-

  • We all love junk food. It’s quite tasty and tempting….and if possible we would like to eat it every day. Right?
    As we know it’s quite unhealthy , this foods contain the excess fat, simple carbohydrates, and processed sugar found in junk food contributes to an increased risk of obesity, cardiovascular disease, and many other chronic health conditions.
    still after knowing it’s unhealthy, if you consume junk food just because it’s appetizing and tasty, you are harming your physical health.
  • It’s normal and healthy to feel angry from time to time in response to certain situations. But sometimes people are short-tempered, and completely lost it even when the provocation is minor. In this case, anger is not a normal emotion but a major problem.
  • The world is moving so fast. Everyone is in so rush. We are trying to balance our work , social and personal life. So much hectic schedule.
    There’s so much stress, anxiety.
    These things affects us….I know. But to maintain your sanity is in your hands. It’s a negative part of you to get affect by things, to lose hope.

And I think we get more mentally exhausted than physically because of our negative characters.

It Isn’t a one day thing to evaluate yourself and try to remove your negative traits and habits.

It’s a long process…..a duration of hard work , dedication and most importantly a will to change yourself.
But before anything you need to realise what is a negative trait, what habit is toxic for you?
This realisation struck you when you observe yourself and the world around you, your behavior and others behavior.

In this, your conscience will help you….that will help you decide the difference between right and wrong.
When a person hit maturity he/she become more conscious of bringing change in himself/herself.
He/she realise what’s stopping them from becoming successful and will find ways to eradicate those traits from themselves.


What do you think are the negative characteristics of your personality? 

( You can see a list of some negative and positive traits here)

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