Conscience : the mind’s filter and where do we need it the most

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Hey everyone!!

What is conscience??

Conscience is our inner voice or inner sense that tells whether our actions are right or wrong…’s our own mind voice that shouts “it’s wrong” when the actions are against our morals and supports  or praise us when we do something good.

Is conscience innate??

Well I think that it is innate….means it is present from birth but like in small amount….that develops with time.

Eg. when a stranger offers a candy to a kid (probably 1-3 yrs)…he / she would look towards his /her parents….and if they nod they would take it.

Possibility is that kid had earlier taken something from a stranger…and his/her parents told  not to take things from stranger… when the situation reappears he/she would look for their permission.

Or other possibility is that he/she is conscious enough i.e. aware to not take things from strangers…….Right??Yeah.

If the kid have conscience he/she would directly decline…..his / her mind will say “it’s wrong”.

Then , how does conscience develops??

It develops with time,through surroundings…..seeing the perfect examples.

Like at school we have these moral science books,we hear the stories of great personalities,we learn from our  elders……everything around us teaches us…… from nature to machines,from Gods to humans from microbes to mountains.

With these teachings we make our rules….we form our morals…..WE BUILD OUR CONSCIENCE!!

So where do we need conscience the most??

In life we need to make certain important decisions,that can fully change our lives…..because there are so many options….it needs the most utmost use of our conscience to bring out the best.

We are surrounded by many people,so many opinions….. when we ask for advice (ok , some give unwanted advice also ?) there would be many varieties na…..because all have different point of views , different experiences……

Like for eg. “If you ask people what to do when someone mocks you??”

Some say ” give a befitting reply”, some say “ignore them”, some say “next time  you mock them”, some say “mock indirectly”…..Huh?…so much contradiction.

So using our conscience we need to decide what would be the apt choice.So keep your morals high!!


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