Navratri is one of the important festival of our culture.It is celebrated every year in the autumn or according to the Hindu calendar in the bright half of month Ashvin. In these 9 days, nine forms of Goddess Durga : Devi Siddhidatri, Devi Mahagauri, Devi Kaalratri, Devi Katyayani, Devi Skandmata, Devi Kushmanda, Devi Chandraghanta, Devi Brahmacharini and Devi Shailputri are worshipped. Along with Mata Durga, Mata Lakshmi and Mata Saraswati are also worshipped during Navratri.

Every year we celebrate Navratri splendarily. But this year due to the corona pandemic, social gatherings wouldn’t be possible or will be allowed with many restrictions. But still why we should celebrate?

The festivals are a way to connect with God, thanking them and worshipping them and living within divine vibes.

Our festivals gives us opportunities to meet with friends and family, spending quality time and be happy. But at times like this when we ain’t allowed to  meet, we still can connect and strengthen our relationships with our family and friends by giving them gifts. And what’s best than gifting them goddess idols.

Here are some 18 Best goddess idols and wall hangings from Amazon :

 1.Terracotta Durga Maa Idol

Terracotta Durga Maa Idol
This is a handmade idol of durga Made of Fine TERRACOTTA . It is hand painted with durable & Long Lasting Colours. It’s design is inspired from the Idols we see in big durga puja pandals.

2. Terracotta Maa Durga Murty – Showpiece/Gift – Home Decor

Terracotta Maa Durga Murty - Showpiece/Gift - Home Decor
This statue is Made of Fine TERRACOTTA with Durable & Long Lasting Colours. This murty has a highly detailed artwork about Goddess Parvati.

3. Brass 24 K Gold Goddess Durga Devi
This durga murti is Made of Fine Grade Brass furnished by Stones & 24 k Gold Plated. You can use this as Pooja Mandir Interior Decoration Accessories / Table Decor Items or Showcase Decoration .

4. Goddess Lakshmi Idol
This handcrafted antique idol of Goddess Laxmi is made of metal and is gold plated. The high quality Metal coupled with the highest level of craftsmanship only adds to the appeal of the piece. This piece is popular for its durability and long lasting golden polish.

5. Maa Gaura Clay Face Idol
This beautiful maha gauri idol is handcrafted with clay.

6. Brass Mahalakshmi face
This idol is made of high quality brass and beautifully decorated with jewels.

7. Brass Shri Durga Idol
A total of 8 Metals ( ashtadhatu) have been use to created this beautiful maa durga idol.

8. Devi Maa Durga Mukhota
This idol is beautifully decorated and is used for worship and margshirsha .

9. Small Brass Durga Murti
This gold coloured idol manufactured by brass is ideal for showpiece and gifting purposes.

10. Handmade Maa Saraswati Marble Statue
This Handmade Maa Saraswati Idol is white coloured made up of marble dust and is ideal choice for gifting purposes.

11. Maa Kali Goddess Statue
Crafted by the skilled Indian artisans of Muradabad, this murti is made up of premium quality brass.

12. Sherawali MATA Rani Idol Statue
These statues are Made of Specail Clay Resin with Durable & Long Lasting Colours.
This idol is handcrafted by skilled craftsman.
This statue can be a great gifting option during housewarming parties, birthday parties, weddings, festivals. Statue can be a perfect decoration piece to be kept at home, offices, factories or bungalows.

13. Goddess Lakshmi Golden Figure
Made by Golden Bronze Material decorated with american diamond Hand-cast collectible best quality Golden Bronze.
Divine mother lakshmi brings happiness and prosperity.

14. Maa Laxmi Idol Statue
Ideal for placing on car dashboard, this idol of GODDESS LAXMI brings prosperity with her. This idol is available with FREE DELIVERY.

15. Goddess Laxmi Idol with Arch
This Murti made of polyresin will bring immense wealth with divine blessings.

16.  Maa Devi Lakshmi Statue
This Statue is perfect for a small mandir.

17. Laxmi MATA Murti Marble Statue
This Little Idol of Devi Lakshmi shows her divine love towards humanity.
It is worth for money.

18. Washable Sherawali MATA Murti


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